Houston Cougar Twilly

Houston Cougar Twilly

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Being from Houston, we just knew we had to create something for this beloved and diverse city. This scarf was specially designed to be the perfect accessory to local pro baseball, football, and basketball games.

Some featured design elements you'll find:

An astronaut crossing a shooting star over Texas, the iconic Astrodome, and both space shuttle and rockets blasting off
Traditional Texas elements like boots, oil derricks, armadillos, and a waving Texas flag.
An outline of the motivational Be Someone graffiti sign that hangs over I-10.
Our favorite Texan flowers- bluebonnets, yellow Texas roses, indian paintbrushes- plus the ever popular Houston azalea

100% double sided 16mm silk twill with hand rolled edges

35in x 35in

Perfect sizing to wear as a wrap scarf top, shawl, or around your neck

Designed in Houston, Texas